Well, Helldivers 2’s latest patch prevents you from acting like an idiot and accidentally destroying your own mech with a stray bullet

What’s coming over the other side of the mountain? Don’t worry, this isn’t a bunch of terminators, but a brand new Helldivers 2 patch filled with the usual fixes and tweaks. What are the headlines this time? Well, if you’ve ever accidentally destroyed your own mech by firing a missile during a turn, I’ve got some good news for you.

With a major new order issued yesterday and the soldiers of Super Earth continuing their so far successful campaign against the Terminators, now is a good time to release a new update. Especially since there have been fears that a new enemy might soon land on Super Earth’s radar.

As stated in the notes for patch 1.000.103, its main targets are the EXO-45 Patriot exosuit and the dangerous planetary hazards you can encounter while on missions or fighting on alien worlds, both of which are relatively new Add new content to the game. First, let’s talk about exoskeleton suits. Have you ever fired a missile during a turn and accidentally destroyed the plane you were flying? Well, the bug that caused the problem should now be fixed, reducing the chance of expensive embarrassment.

You should also find that a damaged exoskeleton won’t suddenly lose the ability to launch melee attacks, which can seem like a headache in close-range firefights. Oh, this isn’t technically related to the exosuit, but Arrow also says it “reduces the number of incidents patrols spawn on players,” so you should encounter fewer surprise ambushes of this nature.

Now, a word about environmental hazards. The spawn rates for everything from meteor showers to ion storms and even those pesky fire tornadoes have been “balanced and adjusted” and you should encounter fewer of them during missions. On top of that, meteor showers and volcanic activity in particular should be less scary, as they’ve both been hit with nerfs and/or changes designed to make them easier to avoid.

Those are the main sections, but if you’d like, you can also check out the list of common crash scenario fixes and known issues being worked on. The latter list lists “various issues involving friend invitations and cross-platform play” reported by players, so calm down, Arrowhead is definitely working on fixing those issues.

Hey, maybe you can make some new friends by helping out some newbies – kind of like a player who’s always busy making the universe a better place, one game of rock, paper, scissors at a time – while you wait for your existing friends to become new ones It can be used without problems via cross-play.

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