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New mobile games hit the App Store every day, so each week we’ll compile a throwback list of all the best new releases from the past seven days. In the past, the App Store would showcase the same games for a week and then update those features every Thursday. So developers have made a habit of releasing games early on Wednesdays or Thursdays in hopes of getting one of those coveted features. Today, the App Store is constantly refreshed, so the need for everyone to release on the same day has diminished. Nonetheless, we’ve maintained a weekly Wednesday night format, and for years people have been known to check TouchArcade for new game listings during this time. So without further ado, check out the full list of this week’s new games below and let us know which ones you’ll be picking up in the comments section!

Airport Boss (Free)

iTunes Description

Are you ready for your trip to the airport? Drag and drop passengers into their respective queues and help them board before the timer runs out!

Buckle up and get ready to board your passengers before your flight takes off!

Manage passengers at the airport and guide them through all processes such as check-in, security, immigration and final boarding! Upgrade to different airports and enjoy managing passengers, luggage and planes!

forum topic: Airport Boss (Produced by Spiel Studios)

Blood Raid (Free)

iTunes Description

Run and shoot your way to the top in solo or co-op! Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing? Smooth firefights optimized for every device await you!

Intuitive controls. World-class accuracy.
Aim, shoot, run, and glide in Blood Strike for the smoothest experience you’ll ever experience in a mobile FPS. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving a perfect victory.

forum topic: Blood Raid (NetEase Games)

Boomerang RPG: Watch out, man! (free)

iTunes Description

Hundreds of years ago… there was a place called Huahua World.
Some demons appeared out of nowhere and started attacking, as they often do in games like this…
Just like the legendary hero, a smart baby Dude was born in the world of Dude.
Baby, it seems like he wants to show everyone how capable he is.
He firmly grasped a boomerang that was flying straight towards him!

forum topic: Boomerang RPG: Watch out, man! (from Super Planet)

marvelous! Digital Edition ($3.99)

iTunes Description

Play the digital version of the popular dice game now!

marvelous! is a clever, addictive game with an enhanced scoreboard and seven dice, including special dice with exciting effects, allowing for endless variations and opportunities. Players must roll the dice and select boxes to fill in to maximize points on the scoreboard.

forum topic: marvelous! Digital Edition (developed by Outline)

Brick Mini Golf (Free)

iTunes Description

Place the bricks into the holes. Touch and drag to shoot. Tilt to add some spin. Billions of procedurally generated holes make every game different.

Play today’s lesson topic however you want. Smash stuff in the museum today and come back tomorrow to play in new styles! Look out for traps in the dungeons, interesting gravity in the moon base, squishy tentacles in the aquarium, and more. Each style has unique challenges.

forum topic: Brick Mini Golf (Headlight)

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile (Free)

iTunes Description

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile is here! Experience true Call of Duty® action with the innovative FPS Battle Royale mobile game, featuring Call of Duty®: Warzone™-style combat and weapons with authentic graphics.

Explore the iconic battle royale maps, Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Enter Shipment, Shoot House and Scrapyard, the most exciting multiplayer maps in Call of Duty®, built for the most intense firefights. Powered by Call of Duty technology, fight your way through Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile, upgrade your weapons, earn shared XP and bring them to Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone for the ultimate in connectivity Call of Duty experience.

forum topic: Call of Duty Warzone Mobile (Activision)

CookieRun: Witch’s Castle (Free)

iTunes Description

Play through dynamic click-and-blast levels and explore the mysterious and enchanting Witch’s Castle. But be careful! Witches are everywhere and danger lurks around every corner! Team up with the Cookies to explore and discover the secrets of the Witch’s Castle!

Ginger bravely escapes from the oven, only to find herself trapped in a castle filled with magical oddities and the terrifying traces of a witch! Help him travel through the castle and lend a helping hand to the residents you meet along the way. Can you successfully help Ginger escape from this creepy castle? !

forum topic: CookieRun: The Witch’s Castle (Produced by Devsisters)

Deep in the Woods ($2.99)

iTunes Description

A classic story about finding a loved one, players will experience the changes of the four seasons throughout the year and explore the scenes in the beautiful scenery of the four seasons.

“Depths of the Jungle” is a unique click puzzle game, just like a beautiful painting. Players can explore carefully designed scenes by dragging and sliding the screen. This special game experience will allow interaction. becomes more interesting. Puzzle sessions become more interesting while enhancing visual perception and immersion.

forum topic: Deep in the woods (CottonGame Co.)

Duel Revolution (Free)

iTunes Description

Welcome to Duel Revolution, the ultimate monster battle MMO!

In this game, you will explore the island of Bitacora, called Evo, which is filled with various monsters. Capture and train these creatures to become the strongest Evo duelist and engage in intense real-time battles with other players.

forum topic: Duel Revolution (courtesy of Game Matter)

GOKA Street (free)

iTunes Description

Hello. Here we are.

Now, who are you? An unstoppable forward, a wall of defense, a goalkeeper with impossible saves? ! Heed the call and climb the career ladder, GOKA Street challenges you!

Be the next big player!

forum topic: Goka Street (Blay Games)

Golden Goal: Football Team (Free)

iTunes Description

Get ready to experience a brand new mobile soccer strategy! Choose your coach, pick a perfect team and put them to work on the pitch in tournaments that combine football management strategy with the fast-paced fun of mobile PvP real-time tactics gameplay.

forum topic: Golden Goal: Football Team (Humble Bundle)

Granola Jump (Free)

iTunes Description

Tap the screen to kick eggshells at the right time and make more jumps!

How many times can you jump?

forum topic: Granola Jump by Guilhermo Barretti

Hades (Free)

iTunes Description

The Greek gods have your back as you fight your way through an ever-changing underworld and escape the afterlife in this dungeon crawler. When you try to die? try again.

Your mission awaits you: as the immortal Prince of Hell, you’ll fight your way through a dungeon maze filled with deadly dangers and face your father issues in this action-packed roguelike RPG inspired by Greek mythology. realize your destiny. This award-winning adventure combines heart-pounding combat with rich and complex storytelling and artwork.

forum topic: Hades(Supergiant Games)

Howl (Free)

iTunes Description

Howl is a turn-based tactical folktale set in the Middle Ages. An evil “howling plague” ravages the land, turning all who hear it into beasts. You play as a deaf heroine who plunges into danger in search of a cure.

Plan up to six moves in advance to outwit your opponents: wolfish creatures filled with hunger and rage. Lurking in the shadows are various types of demons, each with varying abilities and levels of vitality. Therefore, you need to carefully consider strategies that will bring them to their knees.

forum topic: Howl (Mi’pu’mi Games/astragon Entertainment)

Monsters Don’t Cry (Free)

iTunes Description

Join Monster Never Cry to earn amazing rewards and embark on a journey into a revolutionary anti-hero RPG!

Honey [Demon Lord]it’s time to gather your [Devil Legion] and rebuild the city of exile from its ruins.let’s reinvent [destiny] Crush the warriors led by the King of Heroes!

Join other demon lords from around the world to uncover the truth behind the invasion [Askr]. With your great power, we believe that monsters will never cry.

forum topic: Monsters Don’t Cry (Boltray Games)

Otter’s Odyssey (Free)

iTunes Description

Help the lost otter out of the forest! Due to a storm, it was trapped in a dense jungle and separated from its friends.

Take the road to victory! Use your courage and confidence to defeat ferocious monsters and use your jumping and dodging skills.

Don’t lose heart, little otter! Your friends are waiting to reunite with you.

forum topic: Otter’s Odyssey (Otter Adventures Ltd)

Pipunka Jumper($0.99)

iTunes Description

Pipunka The Jumper is an exciting mobile game that takes you into a thrilling world of adventure. In this charming platformer, you control the lovable, round protagonist Pippinka, who is tasked with rescuing his yellow friends from the evil wasp that kidnaps them. The game offers engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics, and interesting levels that will test your skills and reflexes. Join Pippinka on his captivating journey and help him free his friends!

forum topic: Jumper Pipunka (Author: Volodymyr Vlasenko)

Shield Defense (Free)

iTunes Description

Get the highest score in this arcade game.

Rotate the shield to block bullets (red orbs), but avoid and collect shield recovery (and other) bonuses.

Rotation is achieved by tilting the playback device. The control scheme can be changed in the settings menu to use touch on the left/right side of the device.

forum topic: Shield Defense (BleatBlea)

Slicing and dicing (free)

iTunes Description

Strategic dice-rolling roguelike combat. Control 5 heroes, each with their own unique dice. Fight your way through 20 levels of monsters and try to challenge the final boss. If you lose a battle, you have to start over, so be careful (and lucky!).

forum topic: Slices and Dice (Oliver Garland)

Speed ​​Demon ($4.99)

iTunes Description

Speed ​​Demons is the ultimate highway racing simulator, featuring breakneck speeds, stunning physics-based collisions, and the most intense traffic in video games. With hundreds of events, tons of different vehicles, endless highways, and 11 game modes, this is the top-down, physics-based racing game the world has been waiting for.

forum topic: Speed ​​Demon (Produced by Radiangames)

Vermitron ($2.99)

iTunes Description

Here they come! Get ready to protect your lovely flowers from insect invasion! Prepare your insecticide, summon your holographic pet, fortify your base, and don’t forget your mission: find the watering can!
Vermitron is a retro-style arcade twin-stick shooter with tower defense elements inspired by classic games like ZX Spectrum’s Robotron, Smash TV, Gauntlet or Pssst.

forum topic: Vermitron (produced by FobTi Interactive/Clickteam)

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