Diablo Immortal’s 2024 update roadmap announced, including Dire Rift, co-op, new game modes and more – TouchArcade

Blizzard just revealed diablo immortal (FREE) Updated roadmap for 2024, this year is the “Age of Destruction.” This includes new missions against Diablo later through the main mission. The first major update for the game is the upcoming “Cliffs of Terror” update. Terrifying cracks will appear in the shelter every day, and new portals will appear every 20 minutes. These include savage monsters that you can kill to obtain Styx Shards to sacrifice and then summon bosses. After defeating the boss, you can obtain new Horror Essence, allowing you to fight against the Pillar of Annihilation. Barring the next update, the roadmap will reveal new game modes, new co-op modes, dungeon updates, new classes, and more.Check out the summary image to get an idea of ​​what to expect this year diablo immortal the following:

The next update also introduces Eternal Gear, one of the rarest and most powerful new item types in Sanctuary. This update will also include 56 affix libraries. The full roadmap, including more details on the next major update, can be found here.If you haven’t got the game yet, you can get it diablo immortal Free on the App Store for iOS (here), Google Play for Android (here), and PC (here).I wonder if this is the year we get diablo immortal On Steam with Diablo 4 Launched on Steam a few months ago.What do you think diablo immortal If you often play it on your phone or computer?

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