Pentagon mission to include test of Blue Origin ‘space truck’

Illustration of blue ring on orbit.

Illustration of blue ring on orbit.
illustration: blue origin

Jeff Bezos’ space adventure is ready to test it Blue Ring Orbital Platformwhich could become a key stop for missions to the moon and beyond.

Blue Origin will launch its Blue Ring as part of the DarkSky-1 (DS-1) mission, which is sponsored by the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit. Announce Tuesday. An exact release date has not yet been confirmed, nor has the release provider been announced.

“The lessons learned from this DS-1 mission will provide a leap forward for Blue Ring and its ability to provide greater access to multiple orbits, bringing us closer to our vision of millions of people living and breathing in space. work that benefits the planet,” Paul Ebertz, Blue Origin’s senior vice president of space systems, said in a statement.

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Blue Origin said Blue Ring aims to provide “end-to-end services covering hosting, transportation, refueling, data relay and logistics, including ‘in-space’ cloud computing capabilities.” It will serve commercial and government customers and can carry payloads up to 6,600 pounds (3,000 kilograms).

Bezos’ company finally appears to be back on its feet.Blue Origin recently announced plans No one will land on the moon by 2025 Using a prototype version of the Blue Moon Mark 1 (MK1) cargo lander, and potentially landing on the lunar surface sooner than SpaceX. New Glenn rocket, Blue Origin’s highly anticipated launch vehicle Originally slated to launch in 2020, the company is showing signs of progress and could debut later this year.The company also Recently hired former Amazon executive David LimpReplaces Bob Smith as CEO.

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