The Galaxy S25 series may have the fastest storage on a smartphone

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long story short

  • Samsung’s upcoming UFS 4.0 4-channel technology will be released in 2025 and is expected to achieve data transfer speeds of up to 8GB/s.
  • The timeline coincides with the launch of the Galaxy S25 series, which may debut with this new storage standard.
  • Faster storage means faster app launches, smoother multitasking, and enhanced on-device artificial intelligence capabilities.

Samsung Semiconductor recently unveiled a roadmap detailing its plans for its next-generation Universal Flash Storage (UFS) solution, which could also be our first hint at what the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S25 series might bring.

Every year, our smartphones take leaps forward in performance, and the processor is often hailed as the hero behind this advancement. But there’s another key factor that’s often overlooked: storage speed. Just like wider highways with higher speed limits speed up traffic, faster storage allows your phone to more efficiently handle data transfers, downloads, and anything else that relies on moving information.

Samsung Semiconductor’s roadmap, first reported sam mobileSaid that the company plans to release UFS 4.0 4-channel CS next year, and then upgrade to UFS 5.0 in 2027. The latest Android flagship smartphone in 2024 uses UFS 4.0 storage, with data read and write speeds of up to 4GB/s. According to the roadmap, UFS 4.0 4-lane will directly double these speed limits to 8GB/s.

Samsung Semiconductor Storage Speed ​​Roadmap

Samsung says faster loading times and more efficient on-device AI applications are just some of the potential benefits of its next-generation storage solution, which is scheduled for production in 2024 and release in 2025.

Considering Samsung’s production schedule, we have reason to expect that the Galaxy S25 series will be the first smartphones to use UFS 4.0 4-channel storage. Samsung has recently focused on on-device artificial intelligence with the Galaxy S24 series, and this upgrade fits perfectly with its strategy considering the improvements its upcoming storage solutions promise to bring in this area.

At the same time, the roadmap also hints at a larger update to UFS 5.0, expected in 2027. This may mean that the Galaxy S27 series will adopt the UFS 5.0 standard for the first time, with speeds exceeding 10GB/s.

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