YouTube TV launches basic version of Multiview on mobile devices

what you need to know

  • YouTube has confirmed it has started rolling out the multi-view feature on iOS devices, leaving Android users to wait “in the coming months.”
  • The multi-view version of the YouTube TV app is very basic, only offering a predetermined set of options rather than letting users customize it.
  • YouTube TV launched its “Custom Multi-View” feature on TVs in February, just in time for March Madness, as it supports NCAA basketball tournaments and NBA League Pass.

Users have started noticing multiple views appearing on the YouTube TV iOS app, leaving Android users helpless.

YouTube confirmed on Reddit that multi-view is now available (March 20) through version 8.11 of its TV app, 9to5Google reports. So far, the feature has only appeared on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. It appears that multi-view is accessed through the Home tab and is only available for a few “featured” games.

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