Apple stops using internal MicroLED display for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 9 displays the apps screen.

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long story short

  • A new report claims that Apple has ended plans to develop MicroLED smartwatch displays internally.
  • Apple reportedly canceled the project after finding the display was too complex and too expensive to develop.
  • In-house MicroLED displays will allow Apple to reduce its reliance on suppliers such as Samsung.

There are rumors that Apple is internally preparing MicroLED displays for its future smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch X. However, that possibility appears to be over as a new report claims that the Cupertino company has halted development.

according to BloombergAccording to reports, Apple has stopped the development of MicroLED screens for smartwatches. The decision appears to come alongside the company’s decision to abandon its self-driving cars, which was reported back in late February.

As for why Apple abandoned its internal plans, reports say the company found the project too complex and costly.This is consistent with analysts’ statements Ming-Chi Kuo “Apple has canceled the Micro LED Apple Watch project,” he said on March 1, 2024. However, Kuo added that in addition to the high cost, “Apple believes Micro LED cannot add significant value to the product.”

When compared to each other, MicroLED displays tend to outperform OLED in color and clarity, offering deeper contrast and more consistent viewing from all angles. At the same time, MicroLED has advantages in brightness and longevity.

If Apple can achieve its goals, it will be able to reduce its reliance on suppliers such as Samsung and LG. Now that Apple is abandoning in-house development, it can’t completely ditch these suppliers.

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