JoJo Siwa’s new adult single ‘Karma’ is causing controversy on the internet

She is entering a new era with the track.  (Getty)

JoJo Siwa has entered adulthood, friends! The dancer and singer has released a series of promotional clips for her upcoming single “Karma,” and fans are divided over her new direction.

this dance moms The star is known for her playful style, side ponytails and legendary bows, but her coming generation change is a far cry from her past.

Her new song depicts her “bad girl” persona, as well as plenty of lesbian moments in her upcoming music video. “Karma is a bastard, I should have known better / If I had one wish, I’d never be a ghost,” she sings on the track.

On March 11, Siwa issued a content warning on Instagram, beginning to suggest that her new song “may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers.”The singer even appears to have copied the style of queer icon Britney Spears poisonous A similar diamond-embellished bodysuit was featured in the music video.

Despite attempts to promote her new look, some fans aren’t buying it.One fan pointed out the song’s resemblance to the theme song from a 90s cartoon gummy bearswhile others pointed out that it might draw unwelcome comparisons to Taylor Swift’s song of the same name.

But others also supported the singer, who came out as queer in 2021. “Baby lesbian, tell your truth,” one said. “F**k yes, JoJo,” another praised.

“Life is okay!!!” commented a third fan. “Okay, so she’s in her wrecking ball era,” another fan pointed out.

Elsewhere, fans of the dance series are eagerly awaiting Dance Moms: Reunion, will hit American screens on May 1. In the trailer, Siwa appears to berate her absent co-stars, saying they’re “erasing the past” in the upcoming reunion episode.

Siwa will appear alongside five former cast members of the Lifetime dance series, including Chloe Lulasiak, Brooke Hyland, Paige Hyland, Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker.

They are joined by their mothers, Jessalynn Siwa, Kelly Hyland, Jill Vertes and Kira Hilliker, and Christi Lukasiak will guest star in an upcoming episode, Dance Moms: Reunion.

However, there are a few faces missing, including Maddie and Mackenzie Ziggler as well as mean girls Class of 2024 alumna Nia Sukes.Siwa appears to address her co-star’s absence in the trailer and gets Very Really expressing her thoughts.

“They’re Not Here is kind of like: ‘Let me erase my past, pretend it never happened, throw it down the drain,’ when it’s like, this is why you are who you are,” the dancer tells in the clip people around her.

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