The second season finale of the TV series “Halo” is coming soon

The last episode of season 2 halo TV drama does everything a video game adaptation should do and then some, To prove a point I’ve been making Over a year later: this show is good.

While the first season of the Paramount+ series based on the game series of the same name sometimes struggled to tell a new story with beloved characters in an established universe, season two begins to right those wrongs. A second-season episode featuring a new series lead in the form of David Wiener (fear the walking dead), it’s clear the team didn’t mess up. The action scenes feel tighter and better choreographed, the emotional beats hit when they’re supposed to, and the intertwining story threads make for incredibly watchable television.

The season finale, simply called “Halo,” was a great proof-of-concept — the show is so good it deserves a third season.

Spoiler alert.

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if you are one of them halo Naysayers of the TV series who are frustrated that it’s not one-on-one gaming entertainment should have you hooked by the final episode. In less than an hour of running time, Halo contains several of the best story beats in Halo. Halo: Combat Evolved, with some heart-pounding action and huge payoffs to plot the threads that have been left hanging all season long. Indeed, from the moment the episode began, the gas pedal was planted on the floor and never let up.

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Halo begins unlike any other episode in the series to date: a scientist we’ve never met before is harassing Miranda Keyes (Oliver Grey) as she tries to figure out what she did in the previous episode What happened to the mysterious spores discovered. The scientist was a bit vicious and annoying, and she seemed to have tampered with the sample before Case could examine it. We don’t like her.

After a while, as she drank water with some other scientists, an unusually upbeat musical score began to play, and her demeanor began to change. You see, she was infected with the ingredients of the spores (which is why you shouldn’t touch weird things in the lab), and she quickly succumbed to the infection by stabbing a random scientist in the neck with a pen.if you are a halo Fans, do you know what this is: floodThose parasitic aliens who ravaged the galaxy were also the primary reason for the creation of the Halo Ring. Now, we feel sorry for her.

Dr. Halsey stood in the middle of a room full of fighting men, looking shocked.

image: Paramount+ / 343 industries

The Flood is here, though the series’ pacing never seems to lead us to seeing these horrific and bizarre creatures.Sure, there were some hints, all of which were shown through Yerin Ha’s subplot, but I didn’t expect the show to fully develop this season – especially considering they were the most exciting of them all halo Bad guy. It’s a bold move, and one that pays off, especially when we finally get a glimpse of the many-limbed abomination in flesh and blood.

As the plot progresses, we know it will lead to a similar ending to the first episode halo Game: The Covenant and the United Nations Security Council want the ring for different reasons, and many know that its ignition will end all organic life in its vicinity.

Along the way, we had some heartbreaking sacrifices and truly sad deaths (RIP Kai-125, you will always be famous), and then we got the payoff that many have been waiting for two seasons: Master Chief’s God of Thunder Hammer steps on the halo ring. It’s a sight to behold – those blurry Pacific Northwest mountains, the smoldering wreckage of a United Nations Security Council ship, plants sprouting from the ground at an incredible rate. The Master Chief and Cortana are reunited, and some of last season’s great characters (Ackerson, Perez, Kwan) appear to be alive and ready to continue the fight.

We are here and we did it. Guess who else is here too? 343 Guilty Spark, the annoying jerk from the first game who I wouldn’t trust to get me a drink at a party. Considering the AI ​​Halo Ring Monitor is universally despised by players and completely untrustworthy, Suspense reveals that he’s been working with Chief and Makee ( The Covenant woman he slept with last season.) is a big one.

After watching this episode, I want to ask: Are you unhappy?

Hopefully the Paramount+ series gets a third season, because we’re cooking on gas right now.

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