This Apple Watch and Tamagotchi hybrid is a retro reboot perfect for 2024’s millennium revival

Earlier this week, we reported on the resurgence of iPod shuffle hair clips, and now a second retro trend is taking off. Creator Emma Orhun combined the shell of an old Tamagotchi with an Apple Watch face to create what she calls “Tamawatchi.”

Orhun came up with the idea last summer and has since posted multiple videos explaining how she brought it to life, including a TikTok in October that garnered more than 500,000 likes. But an Instagram video from earlier this month has garnered more than 78,000 likes, bringing new interest to the project.

If you’re interested in creating one yourself, Orhun recommends pairing the Tamagotchi Connection v3 (a version of the device released in 2006) with an Apple Watch SE for the best fit. When you open the Tamagotchi, remove its electronics and use a small handheld power tool called a Dremel to scrape the inside clean so you can place the Apple Watch SE and secure it inside with double-sided tape.

From there, as long as you’re comfortable with the watch’s limited capabilities, you’re good to go. You won’t be able to access its side buttons or scroll crown to navigate its interface. But, as Olhon writes in one of her articles, you’ll be “rewarded with the rewards of truly good taste.”

Given the limited functionality of Tamawatchi, Tamagotchi collector stated that they intend to use the custom “iTama” only for notifications.

Another creator took a completely different approach to the concept, creating a 3D printed Tamagotchi to house their Apple Watch face.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can buy vintage Tamagotchis on second-hand sites like eBay. But if you prefer the Y2K style with 2024 functionality, you can purchase silicone cases from several online sellers, including Rubbie’s Room.

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