Android Developer Preview 2 allows all games to break through the 60fps threshold

The second developer preview of Android 15 has been released and enthusiasts are busy scanning the code to get access to the new features.

The latest feature is a switch that disables the game’s default frame rate, which will disable the 60Hz limit, essentially unleashing the game’s peak performance.

Android limits games to 60 fps most of the time, and developers need to enable higher frame rates on a device-by-device basis. With this universal toggle, you’ll be able to unlock the potential for higher frame rates.

Android Developer Preview 2 unlocks games above 60Hz

This setting is located in the Developer Options (you need to unlock it by clicking the build number in the mobile software multiple times.

It’s built for developers trying to test their games at higher frame rates, but like many other settings in the Developer Options, advanced users will be able to take advantage of it as well.

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