Google Wallet rollout continues as U.S. adds 30 new banks

what you need to know

  • In March, Google added support for 30 U.S. banks to the Google Wallet app, bringing the total number of supported banks to more than 5,000.
  • Previously, around 100 banks were added to Google Wallet in December and January.
  • The base of supported banks in Google Wallet grows as Google plans to shut down Google Pay in the US

As Google Wallet becomes Google’s primary digital banking and wallet app on Android, it’s adding new features every month. The company previously announced that Google Pay will officially shut down on June 4, 2024, at least in the United States. Before forcing the transition, Google is ensuring that Google Wallet supports as many banks as possible. In March, that means 30 new banks were added to the Google Wallet app in the US

Google is making steady progress in adding supported banks to the Google Wallet app in the US. 42 new banking institutions were added in January, and 44 more banks will join in December 2023. Now, as documented on Google’s support page, first spotted by Android Police, 30 new users have been added to the Google Wallet app.

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