If you love Dungeon Delicious as much as I do, then you need to check out this incredible fantasy series

Delicious food in the dungeon It’s going through some moments and I’m personally excited to see it. When it comes to things like merchandise, you don’t really see a series getting anything unless it’s in anime form, and the plethora of merchandise and things like collaboration cafes are usually for the more popular series Reserved – Fortunately, Ryoko Kui’s fantasy series is treated to both and more. This is refreshing, as Taste of the Dungeon is a unique take on fantasy that the genre has been desperately needing for a long time. But it’s not the only country reviving the fantasy.

While I haven’t received the anime yet, there’s another manga that I really think you should check out if you like Taste of the Dungeon: witch hat studio. Instead of eating monsters and sneaking into dungeons, Atelier Hat is about a young girl, Coco, who lives in a world where only those who are born with the ability to use magic can do so, which makes it a A daydream for most people, including our protagonist. However, that’s not entirely true, as Coco discovers that she accidentally petrifies her mother, drawing herself into a magical world as she searches for a cure, while also becoming embroiled in a larger conspiracy.

Brilliant hook aside, this is actually my favorite bit of world-building from Witch Hat Atelier. In Tasty Dungeon, there’s often a scientific explanation of how each monster works, making them feel like they might be real creatures. Whether it’s a dragon that breathes fire with sparks from its tongue, or living armor that’s actually a mollusk, it’s clear that a lot of thought went into every aspect of how the world works.

Witch Hat Atelier is basically the same, but with a greater focus on magic. The way spells work is by drawing them, which isn’t a completely original concept, but it’s detailed enough to make it feel special. Most spells are performed by drawing a circle, with various symbols appearing somewhere inside, outside, or next to the circle, resulting in different forms of magic. It’s important to draw these carefully and accurately, as unstable spells can have disastrous consequences.

But the interesting thing is that it allows for so much creativity. An important part of the series is Coco, an outsider unfamiliar with the magical world who uses her innocence to her advantage, often bringing a perspective that creates completely unique spells. It’s literally about the nature of creativity and thinking outside the box when making art, which hits even harder considering it’s a piece made by drawing itself.

A 2D painting of a man with shaggy white hair and a fluffy robe as a flower made of ink sprouts from a pad he holds in a witch hat studio.

It helps that this is another series where the main character is a handsome white-haired man with a mysterious past. | Image Source: Shirahama Seagull/Kodansha

I think this in turn provides a very strong, albeit unintentional, argument against AI. Witch Hat Workshop often advocates the idea that making spells is worth it just for the simple joy of creating them, but more importantly, it says that learning how to improve your skills is something worth investing your time in, even if it’s difficult, and even if it’s all The world is against you.

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, but for a long time I felt like I couldn’t enjoy it because a lot of the writing was a little stale, if I’m being a little mean. After all, I can only see so many stories about goblins being evil because they are born that way.

I mentioned that Witch Hat Studios doesn’t have animation, but it is working on one, even though news on that front has been quiet for a while. You can wait for it to arrive, but honestly, the best time is now so you can say “I read Atelier before it was cool.” What’s more, you can read one A fantasy series about being transported into a magical world that is truly worth your time.

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