Spotify launches mini player for Mac and Windows

Spotify has announced a new feature debuting on macOS and Windows. It’s called Miniplayer, and it’s now only available to Spotify Premium subscribers.

As the name suggests, the mini player is designed to give you maximum control over your music and podcasts with minimal disruption. For example, if you want to quickly skip a track or adjust the volume or change the repeat mode, you no longer need to switch to the Spotify window – just use the mini player.

Spotify launches mini player for Mac and Windows

The mini player can transform its shape into a square, rectangle, or “slider” as shown above. It supports music and podcasts, and Spotify says it “provides a balanced experience that caters equally to video and music content.” It can play video podcasts in picture-in-picture mode with controls, and you can change the size of the video player.

If you click on the artist name, song title, or album cover, you’ll open the main Spotify app. You can find the mini player in the lower right corner of the Spotify desktop app, between the volume buttons and the full-screen button.

Spotify launches mini player for Mac and Windows

Miniplayer floats on top of other apps so it doesn’t interfere with your workflow like switching windows does, and it can be turned on or off without interrupting the listening experience because it doesn’t replace the main Spotify window.


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