Star Wars and Empire take over the Empire State Building

Lord Vader takes over his Empire State Building.

Lord Vader takes over his Empire State Building.
image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Typical empire. it hears its name On a building or a state, it just swoops in and takes over.This happened on Thursday when Star Wars Come to the New York Empire and take over completely Empire State Building In Manhattan, there’s an epic light show on the outside and some darkness on the inside.

The acquisition is in celebration of Lucasfilm’s March 4th event, We covered it at this link.Basically, just another wave of money-throwing events Star Wars New merchandise is coming to stores, Disneyland, and more for amazing experiences. Again, please visit this link for more information.

see how Star WarsWe did invade New York, though, and specifically the Empire State Building, check out the rest of our slideshow with all the stills from the stunning display.

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