Final Fantasy XVI’s next DLC released with trailer and release date

Yesterday, Square Enix released a trailer When the tide rises, Next paid DLC final fantasy 16, and gave the expansion pack’s release date: April 18. Updates for PS5 games will be available as separately purchased add-ons, or for $24.99 final fantasy 16 PlayStation Store Expansion Pass. In addition to adding eikon Leviathan to the game, additional content introduces game modes and new weapons and abilities.

There’s no reason why I haven’t played the new game final fantasy The game is many years old, but I believe Ash Parrish’s conclusion that Leviathan’s disappearance is a mistake that needs to be corrected. PlayStation’s blog post states that in addition to fighting in new boss battles, Clive will gain access to Leviathan Eikonic abilities, including the ability to summon…

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