Overwatch 2 fails to justify its existence, Blizzard reportedly plans to scrap PvE entirely

Overwatch 2 Touch is starting to feel pointless, as a new report claims the game is ditching PvE entirely.

Overwatch 2’s biggest selling point was originally the game’s PvE hero mode, but it was completely scrapped after just a year. There are still some PvE elements present in the game’s story missions, but not that much. Now, according to a report from Bloomberg, PvE content is being scrapped entirely in favor of PvP. Bloomberg reports that poor sales of last year’s paid pack, which included three PvE story missions, were the main reason the PvE elements were scrapped.

Apparently, Microsoft’s layoffs earlier this year resulted in the dismissal of much of the Overwatch 2 PvE team, and Bloomberg says the team has learned that Blizzard has no intention of completing any PvE content in development, instead focusing on the competitive elements of the game. . It’s unclear how this will affect other members of the PvE team. However, the biggest concern for Overwatch 2 developers right now is the lack of rewards.

Earlier this month, the Overwatch 2 team was informed that they would receive 0% of the bonus target, a rare occurrence for Blizzard that occurred due to policy changes last year. It used to be that bonuses were distributed based on the performance of Blizzard as a whole, but this change is to distribute bonuses based on the performance of individual franchises – in contrast, both the Diablo and World of Warcraft teams Got a bonus. You won’t be surprised to hear that these changes were led by former CEO Bobby Kotick.

This obviously puts Overwatch 2 in a weird position, where it’s no longer a true sequel, so it leaves the question: what’s the point of it anymore? Earlier this week, Blizzard announced that starting with Season 10, all heroes will be completely free, a change that may appease fans ahead of news of PvE being canceled entirely. Whether this will be enough, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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