Pixel Fold and tablet users get old taskbar back with Android 15 DP2

what you need to know

  • In the second developer preview of Android 15, users can choose to pin or hide the taskbar on large-screen Pixel devices.
  • This option marks the return of the Android 12L-style taskbar, which has always been at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet users can now use the persistent taskbar for multitasking or the hidden taskbar for extra screen real estate.

Google released the second developer preview of Android 15 last week, which includes a change that will benefit owners of Google Pixel Fold or Pixel tablets.

Now that the company makes some large-screen devices, Google has been rapidly optimizing Android to accommodate larger displays. Part of that effort includes adding a taskbar as a way to quickly launch apps and multitask from anywhere in Android, and starting with Android 15 DP2, users can choose between a pinned or floating taskbar.

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