Studio Ghibli Festival returns, more classic works hit theaters

Last year, GKids and Fathom Events re-released nine Hayao Miyazaki’s Get into theaters as part of the annual movie slate Studio Ghibli Festival. GKIDS president David Jesteadt said it ended up being the most successful marathon to date – with “millions” of people taking part. This year, the tradition is back and more movies have been added to the list for fans to watch on the big screen (again).

Building on the 11 films at SGF 2023, this year’s festival will screen 14 films in subtitled and dubbed formats from April 27 to December 11. Last year’s lineup was all about Miyazaki, and this year’s selection also centers around the work of directors Yoshifumi Kondo, Hiroyuki Morita and Hiromasa Yonebayashi.The press release promises some additional content during the festival, if Kiki’s delivery service, Pom Poko, and Howl’s Moving Castle, They will mark their anniversary with a “special celebration” later this year.

The start of things will be Spirited Away (April 27 to May 1), Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (May 19 and May 21), Castle in the Sky (May 20 and May 22), Arrietty’s Secret World (June 9 and June 11), and when marnie was there (June 10 and 12).

Princess Mononoke (July 13 to July 17) Festival continues, followed by recovery (August 3 to August 7), whisper of heart (August 25th and August 27th)cat returns (August 26 and August 28), and Howl’s Moving Castle (September 26 to October 3).Finally, it’s over Qiqi’s delivery service (October 26th-October 30th)short ball (November 24th and 26th)The Story of Princess Kaguya (November 25th, November 27th), and my neighbor chinchilla (December 7 to December 11).

Fathom CEO Ray Nutt cited the “overwhelming success” of the 2023 Miyazaki-themed marathon, noting the “enduring legacy of Studio Ghibli films and the fans watching these classics in theaters” We are excited to give these fans even more of what they want this year, especially through another exciting collaboration with GKIDS.”

Tickets can be purchased for each movie here. In between, Star Wars Movie May, and spider man Movies have been in theaters all summer and it’s expected to be a busy year for re-releases.

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