The first patch for the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection is now available

Star Wars Battlefront: The Classic Collection Since its launch on March 14, it hasn’t had the best rollout.From issues with online multiplayer to some missing control options and other annoying bugs, the new pack – which features remastered ports of the first two Pandemic developments front game – disappointing for many fans.Thankfully, the first big patch classic series It’s out now and a lot of bugs have been fixed.

Posted last week, Star Wars Battlefront: The Classic Collection Combined with the original 2004 Star Wars: Battlefront and its bigger, better sequel, 2005’s battlefront 2, put into a remastered package. The package includes all previously released DLC and some new features, such as 64-player online support for consoles and the ability to play Heroic Assault mode on any land map. While I enjoyed the game’s single-player options and split-screen mode, Online gaming is a mess– Even when playing offline, there are bugs involving controller settings, textures, and sounds that can ruin the experience. This is especially true if you’re a die-hard fan who’s very familiar with the original game.players hope classic series Developer Aspyr will be patching the game to address these issues – the good news is, the first of two confirmed updates classic series Now that it’s out, it’s really improved a lot of things.

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