Google Maps is undoubtedly the most popular navigation app, study finds

what you need to know

  • A MarketWatch study of U.S. speed traps found that the vast majority of people use Google Maps as a navigation app.
  • A survey of 1,000 drivers in the United States found that 70% use Google Maps for navigation.
  • Waze and Apple Maps were runners-up in the study, with each app used by about a quarter of respondents.

Apple Maps and Google Maps are two of the most popular navigation apps, and each has passionate fans who claim one is better than the other. In some ways, it represents the iPhone vs. Android battle. However, based on the numbers, one navigation app stands out. In a recent MarketWatch study, 70% of respondents said they use Google Maps to avoid speeding traps.

Navigation apps help people find their destinations, but they also offer other features thanks to crowdsourcing efforts. Apps can keep drivers informed of hazards, road closures, accidents and speed traps. This MarketWatch study focuses on the latter and how navigation apps can help drivers avoid tickets. Researchers studied 1,000 Americans to gain insights into their driving habits, speed traps and how navigation apps function.

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