How much does the Apple iPhone 15 that Amazon sells for 1 cent actually cost?

we may be How many months until iPhone 16 is released?but this did not prevent iPhone 15 The gravy train goes from a screeching halt to a cycle of “Amazon’s Hot Deals” in early spring.New deals in Amazon’s big spring sale appear to mean you can buy an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro Or Pro Max, like your grandfather claimed he once bought a pack of gum. Once again, we remind you not to believe any iPhone deal that seems too good to be true, especially since this latest deal is just a repackaging of an existing deal from Boost Mobile.

new Spring Sale Still a work in progress, but right now it’s on sale where you can get the full range of iPhones for just $0.01. If your first reaction is that it costs a lot more than a penny, you’re right. First, you still need to pay tax and shipping on your new iPhone. Of course, this deal doesn’t require a trade-in, but it will put you into a 36-month contract with Boost Mobile. As soon as you click the order button, you’ll receive your first payment on your new contract, so once you order, your penny purchase instantly turns into a $60 or $70 purchase.

Don't believe lies.

Don’t believe lies.
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Best of all, the deal locks you into the Boost Infinite plan for three years. The deal typically gives you unlimited talk, text, and data, and once you lock in the service, the entire “free iPhone” is already part of the deal. You don’t need to trade in your old iPhone to get the phone, so at the very least, you can make some extra cash by selling your old iPhone. However, if you get a $0.01 iPhone and try to use it on another network, Boost will charge you the full price of the phone.

Currently, the iPhone 15 series sells for $0.01, so why would you choose a regular iPhone when the Pro is ostensibly priced just as much? The different Boost plans vary by nearly $10 per phone. The regular phone with 256 GB of base storage costs $60 for the Boost plan, while the Pro Max model costs $70.28. Depending on whether you choose more storage space, you’ll pay more. Both come with mandatory 36-month contracts, which means the $60 contract will end up costing you $2,160 after three years. After that, the Pro model sells for $2,530, ignoring all other costs beyond the purchase price.

Ignoring the Max version of each phone, the regular iPhone 15 costs about $800, while the Pro starts at $1,000. That’s all before you try out more storage options. Customers may seek financing options for their new phone, in which case they’ll spend around $50 on the Pro model in addition to monthly carrier fees. Whether a Boosts deal saves you money ultimately depends on your current plan and how much you pay now. However, the entire deal will still end up costing you more than $2,000 over time, and you’ll be stuck with a single service for the next three years.

The deal is still favorable for those who really want to buy an iPhone and start a whole new network. For everyone else, though, you’ll need to crunch the numbers to tell whether this plan is cheaper than iPhone deals from many other service providers.

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