Jack Black Can’t Believe Grand Theft Auto Movie Doesn’t Exist

If you have played Red Dead Redemption or nearest Grand Theft Auto and wondering “hey, why isn’t Hollywood turning these blockbuster open world games into movies?” then you should know you’re not alone.In fact, you have some well-known companies such as jack black Was thinking the same thing.

Actor, comedian, musician, TikTok star, and cool guy Jack Black is quickly becoming a big name in the world of video game adaptations.He was at that time super mario bros..cartoon as Bowser and helped create a popular jam – “Peaches” – which is arguably the best part of that movie.Blake will soon appear as Claptrap in Borderlands movie, he will be in coming soon my world Moviealso.

in a recent interview total movies and gaming radarwhen asked what other games deserved to be turned into movies, Black said he was surprised we haven’t gotten one yet Greater Toronto Area or red undead Movies at this time.

“I can’t believe they haven’t started making any movies for Rockstar games yet – Grand Theft Autobut especially Red Dead Redemption,” Black said.

“Those things are already like movies, you know? I think that’s it. There are video games that are already telling these kinds of stories, and there are movies that are like video games.”


Jack Black then discussed black mirrorMovie bandersnatchAn interactive movie where players can choose their own story path— and hints that this combination of movies and games will become more common.

“I think we’re moving in that direction and there’s going to be more video games and movies combined, which is exciting. It’s like the beginning of a new era,” Black said.

Meanwhile, Jack Black describes his sensationalist And added that he was excited to “have another chance to bring a great video game to the screen.” He continued, “We’re in the midst of a renaissance in video game movies right now, and I’m excited to be a part of it.” Borderlands Released on August 9, 2024.


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