Diablo Immortal’s Terror Cliff Update Now Available on iOS, Android and PC – TouchArcade

Following the recent reveal of its 2024 roadmap, Blizzard has unveiled its first major project diablo immortal Today, the Scary Cliff Patch rolls out its annual (free) update on iOS, Android, and PC. This update brings new Elite Missions that take you back to Deckard Cain’s past, new events like Dire Rift and Pillars of Annihilation, new Eternal gear, 1V1 Duels, new Legendary Gems, and more.View full content diablo immortal The Dread Cliffs update patch notes are here.Watch full version diablo immortal The stream below showcases the updates for Cliffhanger:

Among other things, this update brings a new chapter of the Hero’s Journey, a limited-time Hellrise event, the return of previous events, feature improvements, and more, as seen in the patch notes linked above.If you haven’t got the game yet, you can get it diablo immortal Free on the App Store for iOS (here), Google Play for Android (here), and PC (here).I’m still curious if we can get diablo immortal Later on Steam Diablo 4 Appeared on Valve’s store a few months ago.What do you think diablo immortal If you play it regularly and do you like the updates in the 2024 roadmap?

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