Enshrouded’s first major content update, “The Hollow Halls,” is now available

Keen Games has released the first major content update for its action RPG, shrouded.

The Hollow Halls content update includes new, larger dungeons with new enemy factions and new legendary rewards, as well as a mysterious crafting station with new recipes and new quests.

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Here are the highlights from Enshrouded’s first major update, Hollow Halls.

It also offers additional features for builders, crafters, and growers, as well as many improvements to performance, user interface, and quality of life, all influenced by players using Enshrouded’s feature voting tool. You’ll be happy to know that the 60hz issue has been resolved, support for Nvidia Reflex has been added, and you now have the option to turn off micro spiders.

More updates are planned for the content shown on the Early Access roadmap (which you can see below), all leading up to the launch of Enshrouded 1.0 in 2025.

Because the encounters in the Hollow Halls will “test your mettle,” Keen Games recommends that you come prepared, bringing the best food available, as well as a campfire to rest on while exploring. It is possible to run these individually, but expect it to be a very challenging experience. The studio recommends bringing some friends along for the adventure.

Enshrouded, which released into early access on January 24, combines survival, crafting, voxel-based building, and 16-player multiplayer, and is extremely popular on Steam, with nearly 40,000 very positive reviews.

Watch the new Hollow Halls trailer above to get your first look at the changes, and check out the full list on Steam.

Enshrouded - Year 1 - Early Access Roadmap

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