Internet says John Bush is worth $40 million; he says the number is ‘really far away’

In a new interview on That Metal Interview Podcast, the former anthrax and current Kai Sheng singer John Bush addressed the fact that websites that estimate celebrity net worth are notoriously unreliable, stating (Excerpt from nonsense network): “There’s something strange Wikipedia Or somewhere it says I’m worth $40 million and some of my friends are constantly scratching their heads over it. “What about my money?” And I, like, I just laugh.Like, man, that’s real distant. I hope. It was hilarious, like, wow. Like, why don’t you invest something viable, like a few million. But 40 years old – that’s really stupid. “

He continued: “I mean, don’t get me wrong – we [in ARMORED SAINT] All right. We’re going to hit the road, we’re going to sell some merchandise, and we’re going to do really well. But you come back, you pay some bills, and you’re like, “Man, where did the money go?” Like everybody else, they’re just trying to get by. But I think music is a big catalyst. I know this sounds cheesy – “We do” [it] for the music” – but we do it because that’s really the main reason. We love playing these songs and our record. When someone tells me that this song on this record really moved them, that’s what it means to me That’s enough. That’s why.”

bushing Front anthrax Between 1992 and 2005, but marginalized anthrax with reunion Joey Belladonna 20th anniversary tour.When that relationship collapsed, so did the relationship with the next lead singer Dan Nelson, bushing I came back a while ago Belladonna He took over the job again in 2010.

As early as 2015, bushing say to “Justa Show” There were disagreements over money and finances, which often led to tensions between band members.He said, “I’m going to go out on a limb and tell you that another band I was in [ANTHRAX]there are many of them – a a lot of – Accounting and management issues that affect me personally. [Former ANTHRAX guitarist] And Spitz The band has a problem.I have no idea and Basically…well, I know a little bit about him. But he felt like he hadn’t been paid by the band yet.This guy made seven records anthrax. This guy should get paid based on the records he makes with the band. I think he was burned. There are also some accounting issues, where accountants…have disputes with accountants. “

He continued: “I probably shouldn’t say it, but I say it anyway. Like, I signed there anthrax I made the record.I just want to get paid for the record [that were] Manufactured and sold. It makes me proud of these records.and then when you don’t [get paid for your contributions], you’re going to feel really miserable about it, and it’s not cool. “

bushing Adding: “I’m very proud of all the music I’ve made anthrax, frankly, I just wanted to get paid…I didn’t even get a statement, man. What a pain in the ass. We are experiencing it now. We are working on solving this problem. There is a new accounting firm and they seem to be thriving now. “

nine years ago, bushing Tell “Justa Show” That anthraxMultiple changes in management, record labels and accountants left a bad taste in his mouth that left him having to collect money he was owed.

“I’ve been getting paid, I just…I’m not getting paid consistently and I’m not getting updates,” he explained. “The band had problems with the accountant again for years and then I guess there was a falling out between them. These things seem to happen more frequently in bands.” anthrax Probably higher than average. But again, you just want to feel good about the music you’re making.And, you know, I’m probably here every day [on the road with ARMORED SAINT]someone might buy one anthrax Record.So I keep selling my old records anthrax Just do this. “

He continued: “It’s all good. We’ll work it out – I hope. It’s a little bit frustrating. I’m sure it’s good for and [ Spitz]. Again, I don’t know him that well, but he had some issues.and and Appeared on all classic 80s albums. He is one of the founding members of the band. “

bushing and stated that there was no financial disagreement between the two parties. Kai Shenga band he co-founded with his childhood friends Joey Vera (bass),gonzo sandoval (drums) and Phil Sandoval (Guitar).

“Fortunately, Kai Sheng and metal blade [ARMORED SAINT‘s record label]we’re very close and it’s comforting to know they’re doing the right thing,” he said.Tracey Vera is the president [of Metal Blade]Who is Joeyof [Vera, ARMORED SAINT bassist] The wife, so I think she probably… In our situation, we probably benefited more than we didn’t. We buy records and we sell them on the road and we make some money off of them, which is great. You actually make money from your records, but at the time, that wasn’t the case – even less so in the ’80s. So there is a way to do it. You just need to be savvy. “

John Bush Rejoin temporarily anthrax Performed on several shows in late 2009 and early 2010, but quit in May 2010 to make room for a return Joey Belladonna. Belladonna is the lead singer anthrax Considered part of the band’s classic lineup from 1984 to 1992 (with And Spitz, Scott Ian, Frank Bello and Charlie Benant), reunited and toured in 2005 and 2006.

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