Into the Yawning Chasm update 2.1 is now available on iOS, Android, PC and PS5 – TouchArcade

Collapse Star Trail (Free) Version 2.1 update “Into the Yawning Chasm” just launched globally a few hours ago on iOS, Android, PS5 and PC, bringing new characters including Acheron (who I’ll try to support), more Penacony secrets, new story content, events, and more.If you have pre-installed Collapse Star Trail On mobile or PC earlier this week, you should just have to update the client and download a few hundred MB. Today’s update brings support for new characters Aventurine and Gallagher, as well as the return of Acheron, Rakshasa and Crystal Willow. Also added today is the Pathfinder mission “Penaconi – Velvet Demon”.Watch the latest news Collapse Star Trail The trailer is as follows:

If you missed this news before, now updated, you will be able to participate in events to earn up to 20 Star Trail Special Passes, 1600 Star Jade, and can download Collapse Star Trail On the App Store for iOS (here), Google Play for Android (here), and the Epic Games Store (in addition to the regular PC version). Check it out on PS5.have you ever played Collapse Star Trail You’ve seen it regularly since its launch on mobile, PC, and PS5. Will you like Acheron today?

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