Mattel’s Lego-like Xbox 360 building set just got its first discount

It’s not easy to catch it Giant Xbox 360 Building Set When it was first launched in September, it is not only in stock now, but it is also on sale. You can pick up this adorable collectible set at Target right now for $99.99 ($50 off)—an all-time low and the first discount to date.

The Target-exclusive set contains 1,342 Mega Bloks that you can use to build a replica, a “replica” of the Microsoft 2005 console halo 3, There are even physical achievement notifications. The bricks are like Mattel’s version of Lego, and while they can’t match the build quality, they’re very smooth. You can also use them to build a beautiful small replica of the Xbox 360 controller, which features soft removable joysticks, illuminated guide buttons, and tons of printed details including detailed triggers, charging and playback ports, and a headphone jack .The kit also includes a translucent green box with cover art Halo 3which is built primarily for you.

What’s really cool, however, is that the console is interactive, thanks to a series of removable parts and an illuminated power button.The inside of the console is even more impressive, with a brick-shaped optical drive that lights up a replica of Cortana when you plug it in Halo 3; It also houses other neat components, including an “aluminum” heat sink, “copper” tubes, and various “capacitors.” All in all, this is a very unique set that our very own Sean Hollister had fun building, and it’s sure to be a fun one for kids or anyone else who wants to tap into a little nostalgia Spring Break Project.

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