New PS5 feature will record how good you are to help other players

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For those who get stuck in a game and have to run to YouTube to figure out how to proceed, Sony is adding a new feature Playstation 5 to help solve this problem. Players will be able to watch video clips of other people to learn what to do when they can’t pass a section.

Game Help is a feature available on some games where developers can provide tips, but later this year, there will be a community Game Help option to check out. While playing a game, players can view community game help on PS5 and view other players’ clips of the same section, all automatically.

Players who want to participate and record their progress to help other players can opt in via PS5 in the coming months by: capture and broadcast > capture > Automatic capture > Community game help > join. You can also decide if you want to choose how many videos to capture each month.

Once set up, game footage will be captured after certain activities are completed. These videos are then sent to moderators who review the content and, upon approval, are uploaded to Community Gaming Help. Images, webcam video and audio will not be shared, but your online ID will be displayed. These videos can be deleted at any time after being posted. Other players who view these clips can rate them to determine how useful they find them.

Sony says Community Game Help will be available on select games later this year. It does plan to expand this feature to as many games as possible. Community game help will also be available on the PlayStation app to view when playing games using the feature.

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