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Well, this is a category I haven’t reviewed in a while. Our original list of the ten best Western RPG games for Nintendo Switch dates back to 2021, which means we’re well overdue to add ten more games to it. Of course, that’s what this list is about.It adds to the original list rather than replacing it, so if you’re wondering where horizon or Baldur’s Gate II Yes, they are there. There are ten games left, several that didn’t make the cut last time and a bunch that didn’t even make it out then. In no particular order, here are 10 more Western RPGs worth considering for your collection.

Pillars of Eternity ($49.99)

This game didn’t make the list last time because I wasn’t too happy with how buggy it was, but its final patch fixed it well enough that I’m happy with it being on the second list. It’s really a great game, even if you have to endure a few bugs and crashes from time to time. The story is great, the characters are interesting, and the gameplay is top-notch. It almost perfectly fits the “classic computer role-playing game” niche, and is often sold at a significant discount.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($14.99)

Licensed games often aren’t very good, but sometimes the stars align, the right license finds the right developer in the right genre, and some real magic can happen. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic It’s one of’s more than just fun Star Wars It’s also a great RPG that perfectly blends Bioware’s PC RPG roots with its more accessible console offerings.You can do all kinds of cool things Star Wars things, and the story being played out at the same time easily exceeds at least half of the actual movie.


Piranha Bytes’ game is coming to the platform, which is great news for Western RPG fans who own a Switch. They’re extremely rough around the edges, but there’s something about them that draws you to them. rise Set out on an adventure on the island of Flanga, a place filled with mystery, interesting characters, plenty of trouble, and plenty of ways to get into trouble. As the developer’s games evolve, rise It’s actually easy to get in and enjoy. One can only hope that a sequel will appear at some point.

Gothic II Complete Classics ($29.99)

This game is what brought people to pay attention to Piranha Bytes in a way.Of course, the first Gothic It’s an excellent game in its own right and certainly worth considering for Switch users, but Gothic II Expand it in a clever way while sanding away some of the rough edges. The atmosphere and story of this thing are very compelling, making it a wonderful adventure to lose yourself in for a few hours.But, you know, pick up the first one too Gothic.and riseI hope we get to see the next chapter of the series on Switch as well.

Disco Elysium: Final Cut ($39.99)

Disco Elysium Probably the most unique game on this entire list, and this list features lightsaber-wielding space knights. It’s also increasingly looking like a one-off, but if that’s the case it just makes it that much more special. You play as an amnesiac detective trying to solve a murder, and like most amnesiac protagonists, you’ll be faced with some major revelations when your memory begins to return. There isn’t a lot of combat in this game, but there’s a lot more to RPGs than just combat. An absolutely brilliant must-play game that runs extremely well on the Switch.

Kingdom Come: Royal Edition ($49.99)

For those looking for similar games horizon It’s different enough to be its own thing, Heaven comes to save Maybe that’s what you’re after. It’s less concerned with making you feel like a big hero and more concerned with confronting you with the realities of life in a particular time and place. You’ll be busy filling your bellies and tending your wounds, just as you would chase the glory of any hero. While it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s nothing else quite like it on the Switch.

Atomic RPG ($22.99)

We don’t have the original fall out on Switch, but we have some of its descendants. Atomic RPG is an indie game that takes the idea of ​​a post-nuclear apocalypse setting and has a lot of crunchy parts for those who like crunchy old-school computer RPGs. The game is largely built around the PC interface, so if you want to play it on Switch, you’ll have to grapple with a cumbersome user interface. Is it worth it? Well, if this is a place you’ll play, it’s worth doing it. It’s not for everyone, but sometimes these “not for everyone” RPGs mean a lot to some people. Maybe that’s you.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection ($59.99)

This was left out of the first list because we planned to include it in another list. You know, it’s more of a click, click, click approach. I can’t remember if we ever did this, but even if it ends up on some other lists, I think it’s worth mentioning for anyone looking for a Western RPG. Diablo 2 and Torchlight 2 Also a good choice for this type of game, but I think Diablo III It is the one that currently offers the most. There’s definitely a wealth of things to do, and it’s right at home on the Switch. A cow to the dungeon? I have no idea. very good.

The Outside World ($29.99)

This isn’t the only game on this list where the Switch version is probably…a less than ideal way to enjoy it, but I’d still put it here. outside world Try to apply fallout new vegas The style fits the sci-fi setting, and it succeeds to a certain extent. Maybe not as much as one might hope, but it’s a massive game well worth exploring. Keep in mind that even after all the patches, this version looks and runs really rough at times. Again, there’s nothing else like it on the platform, which gives it some extra brownie points.

Shadowrun Trilogy ($39.99)

I wanted to recommend it at first Dragon Meteor On its own, but it seems like, despite its ups and downs, the entire trilogy is still worth playing.It does a great job of recreating the feeling shadowrun Universe, whatever that means to you. There are callbacks to previous video games based on this property, a strong sense of the setting, and some quality strategic gameplay and a solid story to back it up. With this bundle, you get a lot of games at a reasonable price.

That’s it for this time, friends. What do you think of this list? Will you be adding any games? Is there anything you think shouldn’t be in here? You know what to do. We’ve included these comments sections below for you to have your say, recommend more games, and call me a dork if you’d like. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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