V Rising and Castlevania collaboration content is coming soon

Stunlock Studios and Konami team up to create V rise and Castlevania Cross-collaboration via content called Castlevania Legacy.

Castlevania Legacy has launched alongside V Rising, with famous vampire hunter Simon Belmont arriving in Valdoran to challenge all vampires. With his legendary whip and arsenal of divine weapons, no Night Stalker can escape his crusade. However, if you defeat him, you’ll unlock the secrets of his signature weapon, which in turn provides new combat abilities.

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Castlevania Legacy is coming to V Rising on May 8th

While Castlevania Legacy (including Simon Belmont and the new whip weapon) will be available as free content, the Castlevania Legacy Premium Pack cosmetic DLC pack will be available for purchase. This pack allows you to build a castle inspired by Castlevania’s classic gothic aesthetic, enjoy character customization options inspired by classic Castlevania characters, and ride across the land on new skeleton mounts. You can even set the tone for your castle with two Castlevania themes reimagined by V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova.

When V Rising launches on Steam on May 8, you’ll have the chance to become the Supreme Reaver of Vardoran, a land of humans and monsters where you’ll stake your claim and build a majestic castle.

With the launch of the full version comes a new endgame area called “Ruins of Mortim”, final game chapter, dynamic endgame events, new FRS, new V-blood boss, new weapon and equipment levels, magic, castle building , decoration and storage improvements, gamepad support, game optimizations, visual improvements, and more.

V Rising is still in Early Access on Steam, with over 2 million players and 68,604 very positive reviews. PlayStation 5 players will be able to purchase the game later this year.

V Rising - Castlevania Legacy

V Rising - Castlevania Legacy

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