As the attack on Troost begins, Helldiver 2’s massive new quasar cannon is earning some pretty stellar early reviews

Hello, Helldivers 2 friends. You might be happy to know that the forces of Super Earth have just seized control of Vandalon IV and are now moving towards the robot-infested Troost. To be fair, they’re helped along by two huge new guns, one of which definitely looks like it might be a new fan favorite.

These new additions to the arsenal are a welcome surprise, especially since Arrowhead has temporarily banned players from participating in snowball fights while it’s busy investigating an issue. While your curved weapons should no longer cause crashes like the current Snowball does, you might want to give these new guns a try as you work towards your big order wins over the next few days or so.

As I write this, there is a force of 140,000 Helldivers fighting to liberate Troost, which they targeted shortly after Vandalon IV fell into the hands of Super Earth. Number one goal. It’s the final big boss of this latest big order, so hopefully the attack will go smoothly, even if it currently looks like it will take around 20 hours of strong sustained push, as we currently only have about a 4% liberation rate according to

Thankfully, Arrowhead has recently launched two new guns, the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon and the MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun. So, what are they? One is a charge-based laser, well, cannon, perfect for taking out long-range targets. Meanwhile, there’s another, uh, machine gun that has a 75-round magazine that burns through faster than my good intentions at most dinner parties, and doesn’t have a third-person scope, which means it Will test your aiming skills.

So, what are the early reviews of the game’s Reddit subreddit like? The Quasar Cannon answer is so good that some people are already declaring it to be the best thing since slicing bread or posting that they used it to blow manufacturers to smithereens or something.

As people have pointed out, though, the lengthy recharge time doesn’t exactly make it a weapon that’ll get you out of any situation, making it the only thing you need to carry, even if it has unlimited ammo.

On the other hand, while the MG-101 seemed to have some fans and people believing it was specifically designed to perform well in certain scenarios, it attracted more criticism and complaints about its mediocre performance, mostly due to Lacking a scope, it has limited ammo and only moderate levels of penetration.

Well, let’s see if players like it better over time, otherwise Arrowhead might need some useful tweaks.

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