Embracer sells Borderlands developer Gearbox to Take-Two

Swedish gaming group Embracer Group has reached an agreement to sell Gearbox Interactive to rock star Parent company Take-Two spent $460 million.In a press release issued Thursday, Embracer announced that Take-Two will acquire full ownership of the company Borderlands (include Little Tina’s Wonderland), home, risk of rain, brothers in armsand Duke Nukem The transaction is expected to close in June 2024.

Take-Two Entertainment will also acquire Gearbox studios located in Quebec, Montreal and Frisco, Texas. However, Embracer will retain several Gearbox assets, including Gearbox Publishing San Francisco (which will be renamed), Cryptic Studios, Lost Boys Interactive, left franchise, super light destroyeras well as “other noteworthy unannounced game releases.”

According to Take-Two, the assets acquired include two Borderlands title, two home The game – as well as “at least one exciting new intellectual property” already in development – will continue to be led by Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford of the Take-Two 2K ​​division.

“We’re excited to welcome Randy Pitchford and his passionate, talented team of developers to 2K, and we look forward to releasing numerous projects as colleagues in the future,” said 2K President David Ismailer. “We’re excited to work with Gearbox on every iteration Borderlands franchise and are excited to be actively developing the next installment in the series. “

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