In addition to Yap, 10 things that artificial intelligence chatbots can do

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Chat GPT It’s quickly becoming a household name, but many of us are struggling to figure out what to do with it. We all know that ChatGPT can talk a lot, but generative AI chatbots have some practical applications that have nothing to do with text generation. These robots continue to advance in data analysis, coding, image generation, and tools that provide more practical applications.

Generative AI can perform many of the heavy lifting on your behalf.Many of these applications are free to use via online chatbots, such as Google Gemini, microsoft copilotor OpenAI‚Äôs ChatGPT. However, some of the examples listed here require access to paid tools, such as OpenAI’s GPT store.

Here are 10 things ChatGPT and other chatbots can do besides chatting.

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