Twitch changes policy to deal with new matchmaking streamers

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twitch The policy regarding on-air nudity has once again been redefined. This time around, it looks like you’ll be able to live stream parts of your body, but you won’t be able to do so for the entirety of your gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3.

A Twitch-backed tweet said the platform had updated its rules around “emerging behaviors” in a way that would no longer allow streamers to focus on certain parts of the body.

“Starting Friday, March 29, content that focuses on private body parts will no longer be allowed for extended periods of time,” Twitch said on Twitter on Wednesday.

what happens?Well, some streamers have found a way to get around Twitch’s rules and stream the game they’re playing Shown on chest or buttocks.

This is Twitch’s fourth policy change in recent months.Back in December, it allowed “Artistic depiction” of nuditythen cI canceled the policy after a few days..Then in January, Twitch updated its policy to Anchors wear black censorship strips on their private parts during live broadcasts.

Will streamers now find a way to get around this rule change? perhaps. It’s just a matter of time.However, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy said in an interview as a result of On Tuesday, he was interested in revisiting the conversation about artistic nudity on Twitch. He said Twitch may consider tags and preferences for viewing nudity in the future. For now, if you want pornographic content in your video games, there are probably a few websites that will suit your needs.

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