Visible’s best wireless plan just gets better (without raising prices)

what you need to know

  • Verizon-owned carrier Visible has added some new perks to its Visible Plus plan, including free smartwatch coverage (Apple Watch only), a monthly Global Pass, and unlimited mobile hotspots that are twice as fast as before.
  • These changes are permanent and the price of the Visible Plus plan will remain the same ($45/month).

It’s no secret that Visible is one of our favorite wireless carriers, but we just learned that the Verizon-owned company has permanently revamped its best plans to provide even better service to customers.

Starting today, the Visible Plus plan will include some new features Enhance your wireless experience with features like free smartwatch coverage (sadly Apple Watch only) and 1 day of free Global Pass per month. All existing calls, texts, and benefits will remain unchanged, and the Visible Plus plan will still be priced at just $45 per month.

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