What is the role of dynamic difficulty in “FF7 Rebirth”?

Final Fantasy VII Reborn feature a lot of fighting.Although the game Flexible material systems Letting you customize your fighting style, you can also adjust the difficulty with three different options at the beginning, and once you Complete the game.

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Dynamic difficulty is one of the three initial options and can be a little difficult to understand at first. But while it may not feel like a difference at first, Dynamic is a valuable setting if you plan to spend a lot of time grinding.

Dynamic difficulty revealed

Dynamic difficulty may be new Final Fantasy VII Reborn, but conceptually it’s not that different from how difficulty works in many other RPGs. When selected, this option will upgrade low-power enemies to your level. If you’re out exploring open-world stuff, this makes it a great way to keep combat feeling active.

Will dynamic difficulty reduce the size of difficult enemies?

Probably not. As I experimented with these settings, grueling combat on dynamic difficulty never seemed easier.It seems to only breed low level enemies up. If you want to lower the difficulty of combat, it’s best to stick to “Normal” or Drop down to simple mode.

Unlike Hard Mode, you can select Dynamic Difficulty from the start. So if you plan on doing a lot of grinding and open world missions, this is a setting worth turning on. Regardless, you can change the difficulty at any time. Unlike Hard Mode, Dynamic Difficulty also retains core abilities such as in-game item usage.

What about hard mode?

Hard mode will be unlocked after completing the main story rebirth. You must select it from the difficulty selection screen in the main menu. This option greatly increases the difficulty of the game. There are also many Chudley combat simulation battles that are unique to Hardmode.

picture FF7 remake, Hard mode completely limits your use of items.you need to rely on healing magic and Enhance your party. Additionally, MP cannot be restored by resting on the blue bench. Instead, you must rest at the Chocobo Stop, which requires the use of a seat cushion.

If you want to be 100% rebirth, you will almost certainly have to face Hard Mode. Not only are certain combat simulations only available on Hard mode, but there are also many character folios that are exclusive to increased difficulty settings.

If you just want to follow the main story, then “Normal” or “Easy” mode should suit your needs. But if you go out and play an open-world campaign, you may find that you’re too OP for the story’s main battles. If you want to keep these feeling challenging, try dynamic difficulty.

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