5 features you should have in Beats Studio Pro 2

Main points

  • The Beats Studio Pro 2 haven’t been officially released yet, but we expect Apple to release them soon after the huge success of the first generation.
  • Some of the software changes that Beats Studio Pro 2s may include include ear detection, better active noise cancellation and implementation of the Apple H2 chip and all the software improvements related to that new chip.
  • In terms of hardware, the Beats Studio Pro 2 should improve the quality of materials and add a better carrying case.

Just a few years ago, Beats headphones were known for their average audio performance and generally style-over-substance design. Fast forward to today and they are surprisingly popular, sound great and have a lot to offer both in terms of functionality and the sound itself.


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This may be part of Apple’s post-acquisition rebranding, but Beats headphones—especially the Beats Studio Pro—are a really good example of the ugly duckling story. With a surprisingly neutral sound and nifty software features taken directly from Apple’s headphone range, they’ve brought Beats back to become a great choice for all music lovers.

Now, nearly a year after the last Beats headphone was released, we’re eagerly awaiting the second-generation Beats Studio Pros. While we don’t have any specific dates for a possible release, we’re hopeful they’ll improve to continue to be a part of this feel-good throwback story.

1 ear detection

Simple and convenient

Beats Studio Pro 16 9 (7)-1

One of the most convenient features, especially for over-ear headphones, is ear detection and automatic play and pause functionality. Unfortunately, the Beats Studio Pro lacks this feature, which means that every time you take the headphones off (whether in the store or when you get home), you’ll need to remember to manually pause your music and then resume it as well.


Beats Studio Pro vs. AirPods Max: Which Apple over-ear headphones are the best?

AirPods Max are a staple product, but Beats excels in major areas where the Max doesn’t.

Integrating ear-detection sensors shouldn’t be a hassle for Apple, but it’s a real game-changer for everyday headphone use. Quickly taking the headphones off and putting them back on without worrying about losing most of your tracks or podcasts is a very convenient quality-of-life feature that every “Pro” headphone needs.

2 H2 chip

Apple’s computing power

Beats Studio Pro 16 9 (8)-1

The addition of Apple’s H2 chip isn’t just an improvement in hardware specs, it’s also tied to the various software features that the potential Beats Studio Pro 2 can get with the chip.

H2 not only brings incredible sound quality to Apple AirPods Pro 2, but also enables more advanced sound techniques, such as adaptive transparency mode. It also improves ANC performance and reduces power consumption, extending battery life.


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As you can see, the addition of the H2 chip will make Beats Studio Pro 2 even better, improving software functionality as well as the sound quality itself. Given that headphones should be at the top of the Beats product stack, equipping the best Beats headphones with the best possible combination of hardware and software is a pretty obvious move.

3 Hard suitcase

protect these beauties

Beats Studio Pro 16 9 (1)-1

From internal specs to accessories, one of the biggest complaints about the Beats Studio Pro is the case it comes with. Considering it’s a pair of high-end cordless cans, you’d expect it to come with a nice hard-shell carrying case.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Beats, which comes with a rather flimsy, squishy carrying case. This means that when your headphones are on your head, they’re more portable, but when they’re stowed away, especially when traveling, they don’t offer the protection you’d expect.


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So giving the second generation a nice hard-shell travel case is not only a great move to protect the Studio Pro 2, but it also shows that Beats is listening to customer feedback.

4 Better active noise cancellation

Beats need competition

Beats Studio Pro 16 9 (3)-1

The Beats Studio Pro arrives with truly impressive sound, especially considering its pedigree. However, what they lack compared to the competition is ANC performance.

Granted, their active noise cancellation is good enough, but compared to the similarly priced Sony WH-1000XM5 or Bose QuietComfort 45s, they lag a bit behind, especially when it comes to canceling noise in the bass region.


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Therefore, Beats should really consider improving the Studio Pro 2’s ANC performance to stay competitive with the wireless ANC market leaders. Of course, the H2 chip is one thing, but even so, some further improvements – perhaps the number of microphones – are meant to put the new Beats over the top.

5 Improve build quality

No more squeaky hinges

While the Beats Studio Pro easily challenges the legacy of earlier Beats headphones in terms of sound quality, it retains one of the series’ more annoying features – more fragile materials.

At first glance, while the headphones sound great, they feel cheap in the hand. The plastics feel lower quality than the competition, and you can hear them creak when you put the device on. This might be acceptable when buying cheap headphones, but when they cost over $300, it really shouldn’t be.


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That being said, if Apple manages to exceed expectations and steer Beats into the calmer waters of great sound quality, there’s no doubt that Apple can do the same in terms of build quality. Whether it’s more premium materials or at least better quality plastics, the Beats Studio Pro 2 should feel more premium than its predecessor.

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