Diablo 4 deserves a lot of criticism, but anyone involved in today’s Game Pass launch shouldn’t care

In recent weeks, for some reason, dunking in Diablo 4 has become a habit. Most of them make perfect sense, and we actually dunked in on some of them ourselves.

Blizzard seems to have been on a fast run with unforced errors that started way back when the game launched last year. But how much of an impact will this have on the upcoming release of Game Pass? The answer is probably very few.

After weeks of anticipation following the inevitable completion of Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, we finally learned that Diablo 4 would be the first game in the publisher’s catalog to join Game Pass.

A big reason for the decision to orchestrate the largest gaming acquisition in history is Microsoft’s desire to control more of the content that goes into Game Pass, just as Netflix has slowly ditched the shows and movies it doesn’t directly produce in favor of making the ones it offers viewers Most catalog businesses.

Platform holders also know that many of Activision’s popular games will add value to Game Pass, especially if the company sticks to the daily strategy it follows with its own games.

A bald barbarian prepares to swing his sword at a terrifying axe-wielding demon in Diablo IV

Worth playing, even if you’re skeptical. | Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

In this case, Diablo 4 may not be the perfect first shot, but it’s a great addition in its own right. While the current buzz surrounding the game may not immediately give off this vibe, that’s exactly why we need to ignore it for now.

It’s important to adjust our perspective on Diablo 4’s triumphs, tribulations, and failures before Game Pass launches. For one, considering how long the game has been out, anyone who actually wants to play it has already played it.The core Diablo community; the people who never stop playing Demon 2& They’ve been waiting years for a new game and have already purchased it. They might not like it as much as they thought they would, which is another thing.

By contrast, the millions of Game Pass subscribers who are about to download the game for the first time have their own expectations, and their expectations are completely different from those held by those who have spent hundreds of hours playing the game over the course of a year. Like it or not, Diablo 4 is a smaller game.

Diablo 4 Ice Shard Mage Build: A man with green hair, a ponytail, and heavy eyeshadow stands in a dark room. He was shirtless and wore a heavy gold pendant around his neck.

As cold as ice.

It’s the highest-budget isometric ARPG on the market, and its production values, attention to detail, and level of fidelity are easily ahead of all other games in the genre. This is the ARPG game “Call of Duty”. This alone should make you decide to download it without hesitation. Because remember, the only hurdle here is the bandwidth required to get it on the console.

I’ve played a lot of these games, and while nearly all of them are unique in their own way, Diablo 4’s action combat remains unparalleled in its ferocity and heft. Its loot gameplay may be predictable and cheesy, but the loot is constantly handed out and rarely feels unrewarding. It’s a lengthy campaign with a twisting narrative that takes itself and its characters seriously. It has one of the largest and most diverse environments in the entire genre – all done to the same level of quality.

Come on, you know this looks like fun. | Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Many of the issues dominating discussions today have to do with Diablo 4’s endgame, and many of the same Game Pass may never truly touch that territory. Much of the discussion is couched in terminology and expectations that these people wouldn’t begin to know how to decode.

If all you got in Diablo 4 was its campaign and a fantastic presentation, it would be a steal. I don’t need to explain why a relatively low barrier to entry makes it easier to convince anyone you might know who is interested but can’t justify paying $70. There was even an XP and gold upgrade event held at the launch of Game Pass. So let’s take a step back and appreciate just how much fun Diablo 4 can be for all new players, just like it has been for so many of us over the past few years.

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