I love Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s mini-games, they’re actually kind of terrible

For the most part, I do enjoy good video games, and I don’t think that statement is particularly controversial. Good games equal good times! Nothing to lose! But these days, I feel like there are a lot more “good” games out there than great ones. do you understand me? No, of course not, that’s bullshit, so let me explain. Let’s take a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man as an example. It’s a “good” game, and I put that in quotes because, by all accounts, it does its job well, the swing feels tight, and the combat is even fun at times. The problem is that it feels too refined – nothing is too wrong, but nothing is particularly right either.

It doesn’t push the boat out, and it certainly doesn’t revolutionize open world gaming, but I can’t really complain about it either (except for the Spider-Man stuff, which is terrible). In turn, it’s becoming increasingly rare for AAA games to underperform in some aspect.However, last month we saw final fantasy 7 reborn, a game that was well-received by critics and fans alike, but despite all the praise, there were many who lambasted its mini-games. do you know? I kinda like them bad.

I’ve written elsewhere about how I enjoy 7/10 games that may annoy you a little, but you’ll find fun in them anyway. I’m not saying Final Fantasy 7 Reborn is a 7/10 game, I’m not the one saying that, but honestly a lot of the mini-games are kind of terrible. Both parts of the rail shooter, whether it’s the part where Barret shoots with a gunner from the back of your new monster truck, or the more literal part where Yuffie throws her ninja stars, don’t feel very good, and they Even a little silly.

The bit where Claude has to ride a dolphin to mount a machine is equally silly and controls like a complete ass, and the piano rhythm game is so weird and hard to get used to, but when you really get the hang of it it’s It’s a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. While I do agree that I wish most of the mini-games were a smoother experience, their “badness” is oddly comforting to me in a weird, nostalgic way.

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It’s definitely understandable that you might be less forgiving of modern games with stuttery controls than older games, especially considering that in hindsight many developers should theoretically be able to make tighter games than before . I’m not even saying that you should let Square Enix off the hook just because the mini-games in Rebirth are Square Enix. But I appreciate them reminding me that I’m playing a video game, something a lot of games these days seem to want to avoid.

There’s a friction within these mini-games that turns what should be an effortless experience into a Sisyphus-like task that could best be described as immersion-breaking. But I don’t want to be surrounded by a game world all the time; I’m a visitor, not a resident, and as strange as it sounds, Rebirth’s poor minigames remind me of that fact. Yes, sure, I may occasionally want to smash my controller, but maybe this is also a good reminder to take a break. After all, there was a lot to do in Rebirth, and I still had clothes to hang.

Part of me does hope that the gangster aspect of Final Fantasy 7 brings the same level of polish to its mini-games, but again, I’m no longer interested in a perfect game. If video games were theme parks, I’d rather go to the slower-paced, annoying rides that have interactive elements on the roller coasters. Unless we’re talking about the dolphin riding minigame. I really don’t like that.

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