We asked Samsung why it offers 7 years of support for its flagships

With the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has promised seven years of software support for the series – including operating system and security updates. Samsung isn’t the first – Google promised a 7-year warranty on the Pixel 8 series, but OnePlus believes that a warranty of more than 5 years is just a waste of resources.

We had the opportunity to speak with Samsung Vice President Nicholas Porter, and we asked him why Samsung decided to offer seven years of support. Samsung’s analysis of consumer feedback found that expanded support could add more value to smartphones.

Of course, there is enough value to make the maintenance overhead worthwhile.

We asked Samsung why it decided to offer 7 years of support for its phones

Samsung’s research concluded that people have recently tended to hold on to their phones for longer, and it makes sense for manufacturers to extend software support.

Ultimately, Samsung believes that even if some people don’t care about the additional support, they’ll still benefit from the phone’s improved security and continued smoothness over the years, ultimately resulting in a better user experience.

Samsung offers 5 years of support for its latest A-series phones, the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35, which is great value for money. However, the company clearly believes the hardware on its latest flagship is future-proof enough to still be worth using in 2031.

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