Best Microsoft Technology Certification Training Bundle Deal: 83% Off

Long story short: The complete 2024 Microsoft Technology Certification training bundle is available for £55.49, saving 83% on list price.

Go beyond traditional gifts and surprise your loved ones with a gift that inspires their career aspirations and passion for technology. The Microsoft Technology Certification training package is just £55.49 and will help you with your future.

With 11 courses containing 246 hours of professional content, they can learn what they need to know to take Microsoft technology certification exams without leaving home. They will be able to study from the comfort of their own home (or in their pajamas if they wish).

This content is provided by the folks at IDUNOVA, a company that has been providing high-quality online learning for 20 years. Each course has multiple courses to take. The course, “Managing the Modern Desktop,” offers 64 lectures that cover the basics, giving you insights into on-premises and cloud-based solutions, creating operating system deployment strategies, and more.

The course also covers more specific topics in Microsoft Teams, including management, security, and compliance. It also covers some lessons on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. This includes designing Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions and Microsoft Azure management. It also covers advanced MS 365, security operations analytics, and more.

Mix and match offer

This comprehensive learning experience supports your loved one’s career growth and is key to helping them unlock new opportunities in the fast-paced world of technology.

Take advantage of this special offer to buy the Microsoft Technology Certification Training Package for just £55.49.

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