Dear cash-strapped Dragon’s Dogma 2 players, a math whiz says they’ve figured out how to make nearly half a million gold an hour just by selling fruit

you. Yes, that’s you. Do you need money to play Dragon’s Dogma 2? Well, first of all, no more haircuts, and secondly, you’ll be happy to hear that one player has apparently figured out how to make more money from the fruit-based cash farming method that some players are adopting.

Yeah, if you want an easier path to becoming a DD2 millionaire than teaching pawns how to kill ogres without getting smashed to a pulp, it turns out that making sure people in DD2 can easily make five One is the right way to go.

So, if you’re not in the know, this fruit-selling bug appears to have originated on YouTube, where creators put together tutorials with completely non-hyperbolic titles like “Dragon’s Dogma 2 Golden Glitch, 300,000 an Hour, the Best So Far Money Glitch’ shows you how to do it. The basic gist is: buy a bunch of apples and grapes in Merv, wait a while, then fast travel to Buck’s Battle, and choose the right moment so they’re all ripe and ready to sell for maximum profit when you arrive.

While this method has been known to net around 300,000 gold per hour, once you set it up correctly and invest in the necessary startup costs, one Reddit user named beardmomale claims to have successfully netted them all. As they put it, with an hourly output of 350,000 to 471,000 gold coins, “min-maxing is the most efficient way to make gold in DD2 is a bit much”.

If you want proof that they’ve actually done some data analysis and aren’t just talking nonsense (although, obviously that could still be the case), they’ve put together a big spreadsheet detailing what’s involved in the optimization A digital fruit selling method designed to guide you through it. They even differentiate some of the boxes with colors to represent different types of fruit sales, which is a universal sign of super dorkiness.

After “about 5 or 6 hours of testing and theory building, including a very unfortunate hotel visit” they said their ideal strategy “requires 2 port crystals and only 2 port crystals”. [36,000 gold] Starts with a full run, but then it pays off [139,000 gold]netting you over 100K in about 15 minutes.”

Based on the average calculated revenue margin per “full run” (each “full run” seems to occur in about 40 game days), they estimate that someone running the method in a “casual” manner could net a slight profit each time More than $350,000. Hourly – There is approximately 6000 profit per minute. Meanwhile, “dedicated” hardcore runners appear to have a chance of hitting the 500,000 mark – and apparently making profits of close to $8,000 an hour.

Honestly, given how powerful and complex spreadsheets are, I think very few non-hardcore people will be willing to put in the effort necessary to understand the nuances of this approach and really get the most out of it, but you’re welcome to try. “If someone was really willing to experiment with min/max further, there might be some tweaking that could be done over the past few days, but I can’t imagine it getting any more optimized than this,” beardmo Sex concluded.

If you’re looking for a Dragon’s Dogma 2 trick that’s less likely to give you a headache, why not try discovering new areas of the map by launching random things out of catapults.

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