Marvel’s ‘Phantom Menace’ comics give Anakin a wild new look

I have seen Star Wars: The Phantom Menace More reps than I’m comfortable with acknowledge, and I’m pretty sure Anakin doesn’t.Don’t run around with a yellow lightsaber. However, in Marvel’s new comics, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 25th Anniversary Special #1 Released on May 1, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Written by Greg Pak, with art by Will Sliney and cover by Phil Noto, the comic will be retold The Phantom Menace Seen entirely from Anakin’s perspective. Well, remember when he told Qui-Gon and friends that he had a dream about being a Jedi? Well, now we can see it…

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image: Marvel/Lucasfilm

It must be very exciting for Parker and Slaney to create a new Anakin look for Dreams, and we can imagine they’ll have some Q&A sessions with the Lucasfilm story team to agree on the use of yellow light sword. Again, this is a dream, right? So none of this matters. This is just canon in Anakin’s mind. (In fact, maybe yellow is a harbinger of the Force another skywalker Oh, who would light a yellow saber on Tatooine some 60 years later. )

“When I was eight years old new Hope came out, so during my growing up years, Star Wars is synonymous with the original trilogy,” Parker told star wars website. “But when I became a writer at Marvel, I delved into the prequels Darth Vader Comics, read over and over again. I found myself dazzled by the long game George Lucas was playing in telling the tragedy of Darth Vader.It’s absolutely exciting to contribute to this legacy by revisiting it The Phantom Menace New scenes from young Anakin’s perspective. ”

This is the cover of this issue written by Phil Noto.

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image: Marvel/Lucasfilm

To learn more about Anakin’s alternate point of view, Go to Of course, you’ll be able to read them when the comic comes out on May 1st.

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