The New York Times March 30 “Connect” Tips and Answers: Tips for solving “Connect” #293.

connect is the latest New York Times A play on words that attracts public attention. The object of the game is to find “the commonalities between words.”like Waddell, connect Reset after midnight and each new set of words gets trickier, so we’ve included some tips and tricks to help you overcome the obstacles.

If you just want to know today’s puzzle, you can skip to the end of this March 30th article connect solution. But if you want to figure it out yourself, read on for some clues, tips, and strategies to help you.

what is connect?

this NowThe latest daily word game has become a trending topic on social media.this era Credit to Associate Puzzle Editor Wyna Liu for helping create the new word game and bring it to the games section of the publication. connect It can be played on web browsers and mobile devices and requires players to group four words that have something in common.

Each puzzle has 16 words, and each group of words is divided into four categories. These collections can contain anything from book titles to software to country names. Even though multiple words seem to fit together, there is only one correct answer. If the player gets all four words in a set correct, those words are removed from the board. A wrong guess counts as a mistake – players can make up to four mistakes until the game is over.

Players can also rearrange and shuffle the board to make connections easier to spot. Additionally, each group is color-coded, with yellow being the easiest, followed by green, blue, and Wardle, You can share the results with your friends on social media.

Here’s today’s tip connect category

Want to learn about the categories without being told about them? Then try these:

This is today connect category

Need a little extra help? Today’s connections fall into the following categories:

  • Yellow: breathing heavily

  • green: Preserved fruits, such as meat

  • blue: Dilemma

  • purple: Things from “My Favorite Things”

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Ready to find out? Before we reveal the solution, this is your last chance to go back and solve today’s puzzle.

Drum roll please!

The solution is connect Chapter 293 is…

what is the answer connect today

  • Breathing heavily: panting, angry, pants, puffs

  • Preserved fruits, such as meat: Canned food, condiments, salt, tobacco

  • Dilemma: bundle, jam, pickle, speck

  • Things in “My Favorite Things”: Kettle, gloves, raindrops, beard

Don’t feel frustrated if you don’t get it right this time.there will be new connect You can use your brain tomorrow and we’ll be back with more helpful tips.

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