The “official” word for “Godzilla x Kong” is driving me crazy

how do you say Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire? Godzilla “ex” Kong, as in “deus ex machina” – Godzilla from the machine? Godzilla/King Kong?Godzilla cross hole? Godzilla and hole?Has anyone actually bothered to say new empire Fundamentally? It turns out that all of these questions are moot because the “correct” way to say the name is none of these.

In fact, you shouldn’t admit to “x” at all.according to vulturethe film’s publicist told the site Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire That’s actually what it says Godzilla: A New Empire. Boy howdy do I hate this.

Anyway, when io9 was invited to speak Director Adam Wingard Speaking recently about the film, our own Germain Lussier called the film “Godzilla” predecessor Kong” and was not corrected by Wingard or the publicist. Maybe Vulture just got particularly zealous about nomenclature, the same way Brands like Lego Occasionally I will insist on you must Please call it LEGO.But if the real way of pronunciation Godzilla×King Kong In fact it is godzilla kongthen reader, there is no God (zilla).

On one hand, I get it.For as much media as possible where that letter is pronounced one way or another (shout out Street Fighter x Tekkenpronounced “cross”), x-as-cross is pronounced silently, and is actually quite common in anime and manga. full time hunter, Gun×Sword, Service×Service, spy x familyFor example, everyone uses “x” for aesthetic purposes rather than pronunciation purposes, and speaks as if the letter doesn’t exist at all.given new empireOriginating from Japanese monster media, it made sense to emulate this style as an homage! On the other hand, if I say “Godzilla Kong” out loud to myself, I want to bang my head against the wall until I can’t say it or anything else out loud anymore. It just sounds bad! Sure, they already used “versus” in the last movie, but if Godzilla and Kong are now frenemies instead of dueling each other, there has to be a way to convey that in the title – and why There is also “x”. What if it is just silent?

In the end, none of this matters. This weekend, the “X” (silent or otherwise) will immediately pop into your head as you sit down to watch a movie where giant monsters start beating each other up.Arguably, that’s the point – we’re not here to think Regarding linguistics, we’re here to watch giant beasts ride each other and/or cry and cause destruction and mayhem. But if you find yourself getting ready to see the new Godzilla and King Kong movies and start wondering all this out loud: I’m sorry you now have an answer, which is probably worse than no answer at all.

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