Vistara’s ‘Best of 20’ celebration sparks laughter across the internet

A post on X (formerly Twitter) made light-hearted fun of Vistara, causing social media users to burst into laughter.

Who shared the Vistara brochure online?

Vistara Flights announces the airline ranks 20th globally for inflight entertainment | Image: X

User Ritesh Banglani uploaded a photo of a brochure he found on a Vistara flight, which claimed that the airline was ranked 20th in the world for domestic flights –flight entertainment.

“I may have difficulties, but I hope things never get so bad that I have to brag about being 20th in anything,” he wrote, sharing a photo of the booklet.

How did people on the internet react?

Banglani shared the photo on Thursday, which has since received over 64,000 views and 1,500 likes on the Weibo platform. His interesting posts also elicited many interesting responses.

While some agree with User X, others admire Vistara’s achievements. “At least they’re being honest,” one user said. “There’s always a way to slice the data so you can stand out.”

“If I rank 20th in something, say IITJEE, I will brag about it non-stop. Another person said the bigger the prospect, the more important 20th rank is.

“Sir, the individual who is the 20th best in their field will definitely win. You are right, in most cases it is not a good thing to be the 20th best company, but in your job, be The 20th best fund could be beneficial,” commented a third user.

When did Vistara receive this honor?

Notably, in 2023, Vistara became the only Indian airline to feature in the top 20 global in-flight entertainment. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific ranks first in this category, followed by Emirates and Qatar Airways.

Vistara, a joint venture between the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, started operations in 2015 and currently operates a fleet of 67 aircraft, mostly single-aisle Airbus A320s and five Boeing 787s.

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