Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut turns your PC into a PS5, well, sort of

You never know what’s going to happen next in the gaming world, right? Well, except for layoffs. We already knew that Ghost of Tsushima’s director’s cut was coming to PC on May 16, but it turns out it does more than just let you stab some guys with your samurai sword. This will be the first game to use the new PlayStation overlay, which basically transfers a lot of what you’re used to seeing on PS5 to PC.

Because, after all, why wouldn’t you want to see what PlayStation Trophies you’ve earned while you’re deliberately playing the game, which has been available on PlayStation consoles for quite some time on a completely different platform.

As a new PlayStation blog post states, the PC version of the game comes with Legends mode and the Iki Island expansion pack and is “the first PlayStation game on PC to use the new PlayStation overlay.”

Basically, if you’re on a PC running Windows, you’ll be able to access the new overlay via the in-game menu or by pressing the Shift and F1 keys simultaneously, which “includes your friends list, trophies, settings, and your profile “. You know, you usually see PlayStation consoles when you’re playing games on PS5.

In line with this addition, the PC version of the game uses the same trophy set as the PS5 version, and while it “also fully supports achievements on Steam and the Epic Games Store,” it sounds like you’ll be able to earn the latter, or both The latter, depending on whether you’re logged into your PSN account to access the overlay.

Oh, and if you’ve already unlocked some trophies in the Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima on PS5, “when you connect the same PlayStation Network account to the PC version, you’ll unlock these there too Trophies”, you know, just in case you wanted a reminder that you’ve seen some, if not all, of what the game has to offer.

You’ll also have to be logged into PSN to play the multiplayer Legends mode, which will support cross-play between PC players and PS5 and PS4 players, and will feature voice chat so you can tell friends on other devices how good they are at video games .

As you’d expect considering Sony and Sucker Punch are working hard to achieve PCS5 goals, Ghost of Tsushima for PC will feature full PS5 controller support. But lest you think you’re not on a PC, there’s a whole bunch of graphics options available so you can make your graphics card scream.

Hey, at least this helps you forget about the tragedy of the monster truck game leaving PS Plus next month.

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