Google Maps and Search updates highlight sustainable ways to travel

what you need to know

  • Google is rolling out several Maps and Search updates aimed at helping users find more sustainable ways to travel.
  • For Maps, users can find low-carbon travel alternatives alongside driving routes, while Search provides long-distance information for trains and buses.
  • Google has also made developers who create apps and websites more aware of flight emissions.

Ahead of Earth Day next week, Google is rolling out some updates to Maps and Search that may help users make more informed choices around more “sustainable” travel options.

Google Maps will add a feature that shows low-carbon alternatives when traveling. Maps users will soon be able to find walking and public transportation routes, as well as driving directions, the company said.

However, Google will only do this if “travel time is reasonable and practical” so you don’t waste too much time.

Google is starting to show low-carbon alternatives for those using Google Maps to travel.

(Image source: Google)

These low-carbon alternatives will appear in “more than fifteen cities” around the world. These include Amsterdam, Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon, Montreal, Paris, Rome and Sydney. Google will start rolling out this feature on Maps today (April 17).

The second feature involves Google Search, as users can now look up long-distance trains and buses. For example, the company says users can search for “Boston to Philadelphia train” and quickly find schedules and fares in a neat table below the search bar.

Google Search will now provide timetable and ticket information for long-distance trains and buses.

(Image source: Google)

A Google search will provide links for users who need to book tickets while selecting the results that best suit them. In this update, Google says it will add train route suggestions as an alternative when searching for a flight to take on the Flights app.

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