How to Complete the “Beggar’s Tale” Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 From the moment you start the game, a lot of tasks are thrown at you.Some of them require you to play detective Find the missing personand some are affected by the passage of time. Meanwhile, “Beggar’s Tale” might make you lament the slow passage of time as you look at an NPC and wait for him to do something instead of standing in the town square repeating the same story over and over again. You might even start to wonder if he’s going to do anything, or if you’re missing some crucial part of the mission. Let me clear things up for you with this quick guide on how to cross this task off your to-do list.

A beggar and his double life

To start Beggar’s Tale, head to Fernworth Central Square where all the shops are located.In the middle of the corridor, in front of a huge statue, is albert, a beggar beckons anyone to listen to his tales of grand adventures—for a little money, of course.Offer this guy 100 gold for his text creation, then turn around and chat with the Beastman NPC Thinking about it, he swore that Albert had some conspiracy. To allay his worries, Benton asks you to follow Albert through his day, which means you have to sit in the square at Fernworth and listen to his endless chatter. But don’t worry.Eventually, Albert will begin to move toward Walter’s Tavern, just outside the east wall of Fernworth. Follow the beggar so you don’t lose him.

The Waynworth map zooms in on the commons and slums (where Walter's Tavern is located), with "two" The icon on Albert's house in the Beggar's Tale quest in Dragon's Dogma 2.screenshot: Capcom/XiaoZhai

Albert would hang out for hours at Walter’s Tavern, where he met a woman named Selina who seemed to be his wife. But interestingly, as night falls, he crawls away and mentions that another woman named Hilda might be unsettling. It seems the beggar our storyteller leads a double life.

Anyway, after a day of making up stories and drinking beers, Albert will begin his journey home. Follow his ass back to his house in Wynworth Common. Upon arrival, Albert would lock the door behind him. Privacy and security are important, but you’re the Resurrectionist and you don’t care about that. You’re asking questions, and that comes first. Anyway, don’t keep banging on the door like I did, but just stand there and wait for a few minutes for Albert to exit, leaving the door unlocked. Now is your chance! Walking inside, you discover that Albert was indeed just pretending to be a lowly beggar and had left his home. beggar’s clothes behind. Grab it!

To report or not to report, that is the question

This is the quest item you need, and with it, you can reach one of the three endings. You can give clothes to Albert’s wife who is disguised as a beggar, selina In Walter’s Tavern, with his wife who lives as an aristocrat, Hilda in waynworth Baldwin Manor, or you can give it to Albert himself in the central square. (You have to wait a few days before you can turn the clothes over to someone.) What you do here is entirely up to you, although one of the choices can have fatal consequences. The following are the rewards for the three outcomes of Beggar’s Tale:

  • Result one: If you pretend to be a beggar to Selina, she will kill Albert and herself.For solving your troubles, you’ll receive 900 XP, 3,000 gold, and a bloom at noon treatment program.
  • Result 2: If you give the Beggar Outfit to Albert, you will receive 900 XP and 5,000 gold.
  • Result three: If you give Hilda the Beggar’s Outfit, you will receive 900 XP and three agatea stone for Increase NPC affinity Or strengthen equipment.

Personally, I chose outcome three here. The three pieces of onyx jewelry Hilda gives you can be sold for 2,400 gold pieces each, making them the most profitable option. Since all three options cost the same XP, it’s money you’re competing for here.

During the Beggar's Story mission in Dragon's Dogma 2, my mysterious spearman stood in front of Albert's house in Wynnworth Common.

screenshot: Capcom/XiaoZhai

Here’s a quick tip, though: You can skip most of the time waste by fast-forwarding to nighttime, strolling to Albert’s house, and collecting the beggar’s costume. This way you won’t waste time following NPCs who are walking so slowly. Make your life easy.

Once you’ve chosen your outcome and turned in the clothes, Beggar’s Tale will be deducted from your (potentially) ever-growing quest log. With this handy little guide, I hope you can get this done quickly so you can move on to more pressing matters, like dealing with that dragon that stole your heart.

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